Friday, August 31, 2012

First post...

Sooo, let's start somewhere... First of all I'm french, so please be indulgent with my english; even though I lived in England for 3 years it's been a long time ago now. How I ended there?? After college I went to Newark-on-Trent (Nottinghamshire) to study Classical Guitar making, I truly loved being there and miss it a lot, I miss the market, the auctions and antiques, gardens and parcs, I loved all the cosy little tea rooms hidden in town (I remember the one that was on top of an old postcards shop), I miss snooker (I used to go to the Nottingham snooker club a few times a month) and many other things... I'll be back!
Let's come back to our sheeps as we say in french, this blog will be about knitting, a lot, but not only; I will probably talk about cinema and tv series (because I knit, I watch tv quite a lot, too much actually) and also music, I listen mostly to Jazz, Blues and Rock, Classical too but only on my own and only on the radio, don't ask me why...
So let's share my first design :
A rectangular lace shawl knitted with a gorgeous silky merino sport wool from Skein:


This pattern is available on Ravelry for 4 euros

The shawl is also for sale on etsy :

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